9 Tasty Homemade Meals by Forbes Homemade Gourmet

Posted by Hughie Forbes on

As you know, we cook homemade food that tastes like it has just come out of your home oven. Fresh produce, small batches and made for you with love! That's what's made FHG famous over the years!

Our meals are easy to cook and save you time. Perfect for if you're in a rush and want a home cooked meal, or if you want to impress you dinner guests with food that is tasty & quality! 

Below you will find 9 lovely pictures that our awesome barista Ben has taken to post on our Instagram & Facebook accounts.

Check them out over there - otherwise have a peek down below!!

(you can click on the meal title and it will take you to the Online store, so you can order-easy)

Tarragon Chicken 
(In Store only)
Tarragon Chicken
Shepherd's Pie
Lamb Tagine
Italian Meatballs with Herbs
Chicken Penne
Chicken, Figs & Apricots
Butter Chicken  
Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom Pie




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