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We’re sorry that our website has been down for the last few months & we haven’t been sending you our newsletter, but as always we wanted to concentrate on making you food with love, so we had to put things on the backburner for a while.

But guess what??

We’ve now made it super easy for you to eat our delicious homemade food!!

The old website was well overdue for an upgrade. So over the last few months we have worked behind the scenes to bring you a new and much improved website!!

We know you’re busy so your checkout page & order cart has been designed so you’ll be able to order a lot quicker & easily. A few simple clicks and you’ll have our delicious homemade food in no time!

We’ve added a new blog and a separate “What’s for dinner page?”. Perfect for when you can’t be bothered cooking or don’t have time, you’ll know when your favourite dish is being made fresh & in store.

You can even create a login account so every time you come back and order our delicious food all your details are ready to go- easy!!!

We’ll be doing regular updates on the blog with new and exciting things going on at FHG, as well as interesting foody stuff and in a FHG first -some of our delicious & famous recipes!

Enjoy, we’ve made this website with love- just like our food.

P.s Checkout our Instagram & Facebook pages (you’ll get to see some of our delicious food & products)

P.p.s As you might be able to tell we have upgraded the website address and our email address to align with our name Forbes Homemade Gourmet. But don’t worry even if you go to or use the old address we will still receive them.

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