Bootleg Jerky The O.G 40g

Bootleg Jerky The O.G 40g

The one that started it all, the O.G is not only the Big Cheese’s preferred favourite but a perfect fit with your ideal splash of giggle juice. The O.G is the brothers’ prime grass-fed air-dried New Zealand beef, smothered with an elixir of savoury flavour to tingle the tastebuds.

Those unique tangs come from simple ingredients the brothers could find every day - onion, garlic, NY Cut black pepper and hickory smoke - but don’t bother
putting the screws on about a couple of other secret ingredients...just mind your beeswax or you might get bumped. Savvy?

-100% Prime NZ Grass fed and finished beef

-Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Pimento, Mustard Seed, Anchovies, Tamarind.

-23g Protein per 40g serve

-0.5g Sugar per 40g serve

-15% of your RDI of Iron

-Great source of Vitamin B12

-Free from Nitrates, MSG, Artificial flavours, preservatives, colours, dairy.